New Matrix Accounts

Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Oct 9,2002

Coming Soon

Don’t despair, your new Matrix account
is on the way! Soon, you’ll be able to “log on”, and your social
and academic life will go down the toilet…

We’re beavering away at the hundreds of application forms
and entering them into our database. We hope to have the new accounts
set up by the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for your welcome mail!

We’ll also we sending you out details of our latest events, so check
your mailbox to see if your application has gone through.

This is also a good time to remind you that your old matrix account
will be disabled if you haven’t signed up for this year.


No description.Please update your profile.


    Friday at 3pm in the Netroom (end of the hall to the left as you come into the Goldsmith)