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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Jan 30,2017
TL;DR Who: Ex-committee member Sam Caulfield What: A talk on how to use Git - a version control system Where: East End Mac Labs When:
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Jan 24,2017
Some of you may have noticed already under the services menu to the right, but we've launched web chat! This allows you to connect to IRC through
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Dec 11,2016
TL;DR What: Introduction to Code Golf + Competition! Where: EEPC Lab 4 When: 6pm Why: Prizes! Golf! This week, we'll be doing a
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Nov 23,2016
TLDR; What: Terminal Game Hackathon Where: O'Reilly Large Conference When: Today at 6pm How: Just show up! Why: Lots of food and prizes
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Nov 15,2016
TL;DR Where: EEPC 4 When: Wednesday 16th November 6:00pm How: €2 Entry Why: Microsoft Curve Keyboard and Mouse prizes For EMS day,
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