Posted by:dylew3 Posted on:Mar 21,2018
Hello everybody, Do you like system administrating or talks about it? Well if you do come along to our fabulous sysadmin talk this Thursday in the
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Oct 1,2017
Congrats on surviving the first week. Assignments have probably started and I'm guessing most you are using Eclipse to do them. So, what happens
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Sep 25,2017
Hope everyone enjoyed Freshers Week and is ready to start real work 😢. In case you missed our information session last week our awesome
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Sep 22,2017
Netsoc will be holding the popular LAN Party at Halls. Come along to play games with friends or with complete strangers, it's all good 😎. Oh and
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Posted by:Netsoc Posted on:Mar 28,2017
  Who: Various speakers What: Panel of different speakers talking about their experience working in tech Where: Maxwell
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    Friday at 3pm in the Netroom (end of the hall to the left as you come into the Goldsmith)


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